Our Academic Philosophy

A liberal arts education continues to be important, because we are working with students to be ready to enter their professional lives, but also have incredibly meaningful experiences outside of the workplace. We need good leaders, ethical leaders, to be able to sustain relationships, build communities, and do good work wherever they choose to find their vocation. We're really proud at W & J college to be recognized in the top 100 national liberal arts colleges, which brings great value to all students and parents.

So one of the things that I think a student benefits from in coming to a small liberal arts college is that they have a lot of flexibility, and they get a lot of support in pursuing a path that's theirs. And so the flexibility of the program really ensures, and the attention that you get from faculty once you're here, ensures that you can create a path that's going to work for you to build toward the future that you really want.

A practical and liberating education is just getting a well-rounded education that prepares you to go beyond W & J. For me personally, I'm a three two engineering student, so I do three years at W & J and then two years in one of our partner engineering schools. And what I've heard from past engineering students who've gone on to their respective engineering schools is that from the well-rounded education they got here, they were more prepared for their engineering courses than some other students were, which is a leg up from that practical and liberating education that they received.

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