Journey of Discovery

Learn about the endless opportunities available to you, as a W&J student, through internships and research!

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Washington and Jefferson College is known the world over for developing leaders who are recognized in every field of endeavor. Our graduates are prepared not only professionally, to be ready for success, but they are recognized by employers and graduate schools as high potential talent with leadership ability.

So I think that's really great about W and J is that there are a lot of out of classroom experiences that students can partake in, such as internships. Students will also do research with faculty, or will get recommendations from faculty or through career services, to be able to do research.

Myself, personally, I've been working with a biology professor, whose name is Dr. Kilgore. And we do emerald ash borer and white ash tree research up in the Allegheny National Forest with the top five ecologists in the subject.

So W and J has give me the unique opportunity to travel the globe.

By the time a graduate W and J, I would have been to over 20 countries. And so I think getting that global opportunity, that global experience through internships and scholarships and grants, is when I knew when W and J was my place to thrive.

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