Our Competitive Advantage

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At W&J, we have a senior experience program called Embark that's designed to prepare students for life after W&J. So building on their four-year foundation, we want to equip them with the skills that are critical for them to be successful in their lives beyond W&J and become really vital alums that are interested in connecting, not only outside, but back with W&J once they've graduated.

We have a vast alumni network. In fact, among our senior class, we're almost able to match a 1-to-1 ratio of our alumni mentors to our graduating seniors. And that's important to us, because we find that when alumni engage with students, the connections are infinite. In fact, we have a set of programs called Infinite Connections that pair alumni by different disciplines with graduating seniors to help build that connection before they graduate and at the time when networking is really vital and critical to them.

So one of the coolest things about W&J College is the On-Time Guarantee program. And what is awesome about it is if you're transferred like me, or you're straight out of high school and coming in as a freshman, you'll be guaranteed to graduate on time if you follow all the academic requirements. And even if you don't, and you have trouble, W&J is willing to offer one year free of tuition so you can graduate on time.

94% of our graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school within six months of graduation. And that is a statistic we're really proud of, because all of the resources that are supporting you are helping you get to that point.

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