Professional Studies

The business related majors are the most popular that we have here at Washington & Jefferson College. When I came to W & J, the one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be a doctor and be on the pre-health program. But I knew for a fact that I didn't want to major in the natural sciences. My first year seminar course was Disney and Marketing, and the professor made me fall in love with marketing and the process of business, and she kept talking to me about the business major, and I knew that that would be the major for me.

We have such a successful program in the business department and the accounting department. Our students are going to all the big firms. They're working for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. All the firms actually come to campus. We have a very unique program in the accounting department in that our students graduate with 150 credit hours, and that is necessary for employment. So our students are placed very easily. We have 100% placement by the time that they're graduating. We're very proud of that.

Communications is always growing and changing. So it's really good to be well rounded, and W & J helps you with that by teaching you a lot of different skills and things, not just specifically one area, so that you can know a little bit of everything that's happening, and then you can specialize in one area so that you're more marketable in the industry.

A student coming to the pre-law program at Washington & Jefferson College is coming to a program that will provide opportunity. That opportunity has led to success. They have gone on to law school, made law review, they have become some of the best judges, and two state Supreme Court justices. I dare say that I've been very fortunate as a professor to have had the acquaintance of such hard-working, determined students.

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