Applied Sciences

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Computing and Information Studies, CIS, at W&J is an interdisciplinary computing program. And interdisciplinary means we study the uses of computing in all the different majors and disciplines you might study at college. If you're interested in computer science, you can study computer science here, and we've had students go on to be software engineers and earn PhDs in computer science.

But we also have programs in interaction design, for example, data science, also web and mobile technologies. And then in those areas, we have a variety of courses that students can be interested in. Our method of teaching is designed to focus on close interaction between a faculty and a student. And it's really a problem-based curriculum, where we pose challenges to students, and we work with them on a variety of ways to solve those problems and challenges. And we're there helping them along the way.

W&J's engineering and applied science dual-degree program allows students to begin their studies here in the student-centered liberal arts environment at W&J and then complete their studies in engineering at one of our partner institutions. So 98% of the faculty here at W&J hold terminal degrees in their fields. So what we find is that in lecture and laboratory courses, the students that interact with these faculty get the insight of their expertise in their field.

One of the benefits of the dual-degree program in that light is that students who take their physics and chemistry courses, their pre-engineering courses here at W&J, are getting custom-tailored, very hands-on education, making sure that those foundational ideas land and stick, preparing them for later advanced study in engineering.

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