Getting Involved

At W & J we have traditional events that are put on every year, but we really welcome the personalization of students who have passions and interest to develop student organizations. We have over 70 vibrant student organizations. We also have Greek life on campus. And our student organizations provide an excellent foundation in creating opportunities for social life, for philanthropy, for service, but for ways to make the campus come alive for every student.

So the school really supports new organizations coming about, because they want to support students' ideas and dreams. For example, I'm a part of the men's club volleyball team, and that was something that didn't exist six years ago, and now I'm president of the club, which is really cool.

Well, something that's really important about W & J being a small institution is that only a fraction of our learning happens inside the classroom. A lot of it happens in study groups, and a lot of it happens in professors' offices. But even beyond the academic stuff, you learn a lot from being with your peers and doing different activities that develop you as a human individual. And some of that is leadership experience, where you learn those skills of working with other people and collaboration and organization, but some of that is just learning, you know, when to take a break and have fun, and how to have healthy and beneficial relationships with other people. And that's something you learn at college, and especially at W & J.

I think everyone who comes to W & J should join a club or organization because of those new connections you make, the memories you make with your friends. Going to Denver, Colorado with the W & J men's club volleyball team is something I'll never forget. It was one of the funnest moments of my life. And every organization has those moments. They have those trips, they have those events where people come together and you have these once in a lifetime experiences that you just don't get anywhere else.

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