Investing in You

At Washington and Jefferson College, nearly 99% of our students are receiving some form of financial aid. Whether that's institutional aid, federal aid, state aid, they are receiving some form. We do scholarship all of our applicants. All students are receiving a scholarship. Because we're really committed to make sure that the students know that we appreciate their good work, in order to provide those merit awards.

At W and J, we have a signature scholarship program called the W&J Thrive scholarship. It is our highest academic scholarship award for all of our admitted students. And the requirements are, of course, academically based, with a 3.6 unweighted GPA, but also a leadership component. Some of our institutional grants that we offer at W and J include things such as our visit grant for students who take the opportunity to visit campus during their application process and demonstrated interest, which is really important.

We also offer a referral grant for students who may have some type of legacy connection, with an alarm, a friend of W and J, a trustee, et cetera. And we do offer out-of-state grants for out-of-state students.

Having a lot of financial aid really helps you just keep a peace of mind. I don't have to think about how much I'm going to pay at next semester bill. I know what I have to pay. I have the amount of money that I can pay. I don't have to struggle and worry about paying my next semester's bill. And even if you just come and visit, W and J is willing to give you the time and money to make sure your future is here.

Once I visited Washington and Jefferson for the first time, they treated me like I was a student here already. And that's when I knew that W and J was my place to thrive.

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