The A-Team: Academic & Athletic Excellence


W&J competes at the Division III Level. And we have 26 NCAA sports for both men and women. And I am a member of the softball team.

At W&J, because we are a Division III school, academics always come first. But athletics allow us to thrive outside of the classroom. During these sports, we learn good time management skills. We learn how to work with team, especially diverse members of that team. And really great communication skills within the team, as well.

We're really proud of our athletic facilities here in Washington and Jefferson College. The Salvitti Family Gymnasium opened in the fall of 2019. We really feel it's the best gymnasium in the conference.

We're really excited about the Eaton Fitness Center. It's been an addition to our campus in the fall here. And we really feel that it's the state of the art fitness center for our students.

Everyone's always into the sports here. The professors, especially. Because my advisor asks me all the time how I've been, how I've been as a person, how I've been on the field. The professors come to the games. So, I mean it's definitely a good thing to know that they're they're there. And they care about what's going on.

Being a student athlete here is more than just being a player here. You're like a part of a family when you join a team, whatever team it could be. Basketball team, football team. And that's why I chose to come here.