Natural Sciences

In psychology, we are a science, but we are also part of a liberal arts education. And we intentionally set up our curriculum so that students can go and find experiences in other areas, in other departments, and we find that when they go out into the work world or out into graduate school world that they are well-prepared for those experiences.

Pre-Health at W&J is not a major. It's essentially an advising program, where a group of faculty on a pre-health committee work with students who aspire to go to medical school or some other area of the health professions after graduation. Pretty much, the program consists of advising, a lot of one-on-one advising and group advising, providing opportunities for students to get research experience, getting shadowing experiences with professionals in the field. Getting your pre-medical training in a liberal arts environment gives you the skills, perspectives, and worldview that medical schools say they want and that have tended to make students successful when they've left here.

So students in the natural sciences have many opportunities to have their summer research experiences funded. We have a number of opportunities for that funding, including a Maxwell fund, the Mazingira Fund, the Magellan Fund, and the Merck Foundation finances research opportunities for students as well.

So we're really proud that in the last decade, we've had a 100% acceptance rate for students applying to optometry school, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, and podiatry programs. Current students can have that future success as well, and that's what we hope to give to new students who are coming here.