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So the Navigate program is part of our first-year experience for all students to connect with those with whom they live and in their class. It's an opportunity to get connected with campus resources, programs, events, and make connections among their cohort and peer group. So Navigate provides the foundation to make connections that will carry through their four years.

So there's plenty of dining options here on campus. You have three places that you can eat. You can eat at The Barista, which is kind of like a grab-and-go. They have to-go sandwiches, salads, fruit. G&T's is more of a fast pace. So you can have a made-to-order salad or real option hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken breasts. And then The Commons is where our community is based. And so that's the main place to eat on campus. Probably my favorite is the wood-fired pizza.

We're excited to have renovated facilities for our students. It's been a strategy and a drive for us to do that, because we want to provide the best living experience that we can. Our students have welcomed the changes, especially more communal spaces, kitchens, expanded laundry, and those amenities that make campus living really excellent.

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